Many of you kindly contributed to my survey late last year. As promised, I am now publishing the results in a series of LinkedIn posts. I’ll be exploring the results in more detail over the next few weeks.

Below I show the demographics of the respondents, showing how this is truly a cross-industry global survey on best practices in bid management. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as I discuss a range topics:

  • How effective is sales qualification?
  • What drives better bid win-rates?
  • What drives better commercial outcomes?
  • Do bid managers make a difference?
  • Does anyone care about bid management?
  • Why plan your bids early?
  • 5 essential things for successful bidding
  • Are follow-up actions important?
  • Is reviewing bid documents really necessary?
  • Large and small. What’s the difference?
  • What bid managers need to do

Who responded to the survey?

83 respondents took part in the survey and this yielded 68 complete responses. Respondents were from around the world, making this a genuine global survey:

  • 48% of responses were from Europe
  • 19% responses were from North America
  • 33% responses were from Asia Pacific and India

This was a cross-industry survey, albeit with a bias towards IT:

  • 50% respondents work in IT, telecommunications or digital
  • 18% respondents work in professional services, legal or accounting
  • 13% respondents work in construction, property or facilities management
  • 19% respondents work in finance, health, defence and other sectors

While 58% said they were a bid manager, bid coordinator or bid director, 29% worked in sales or business development roles and 13% worked in a bid-related role such as solution architect or project manager.

This strong response rate and wide range of respondent backgrounds make the findings all the more compelling. So keep checking back for my latest posts.